Photo credit to Antoine McFly Hotermans


The story behind:

Our client and friend wanted a motorcycle that could be fast, good looking and could be driven to work whenever it has to. For us, a mid 90's Honda Specifically a 750 CB was the best option to catch that true café racer heritage and it's reliability.

The owner is a motor sports fan so we knew we had to go in that direction and Honda made a very good job designing their formula one liveries specially around colors during the 90's.

About the bike:

So we found an old man on the internet selling his 1996 SevenFifty completed by a home made blue paint job and a very inappropriate touring pack.

We bought it for dirt cheap and the old man gone sad when we had to break the windshield in order to load it in the van.


'Within the 5 first minutes in the workshop we chopped the rear subframe and the exhaust system. The final line was already shaping up. For sure the bike had to be selfish so we buckled a shorty rear subframe 

A bit of stance adjustments combined with a pair of hand made aluminum rearset, performance clip ons and we had our rough design.'

We modified the side panels, installed a new headlight, hid some tiny blinkers into the frame.

The new exhaust system is completely hand made from stainless steel this gave her a track voice backfiring all over the place. We finished with the freshly painted gas tank, engine, rims and an handmade vinyl saddle.

Orphorce-one was named after its owner Orphée while it was his first motorcycle... the word game was pretty obvious.

It is now cruising in our birth city Charleroi, Belgium and resting in front of one of the newest cultural centers in town.




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