MadMaks Custom Shop

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Builder : MadMaks Custom Shop - MMCS
Year : 2017
Motorcycles donor : Honda CB 250T ; Engine CB400N ; Fork, brake, wheel CB900F 
Built to save an old and rare Honda CB250T, it stays one of the few personal projects we made, it is mostly composed by
scavenged parts, hand made units and adapted components.
As the displacement is nearly twice the original, we installed a Honda CB900F complete front end brakes and wheel topped
by a pair of hand made curved handlebars, mounted those neat Heidenau and Bridgestone Vintage looking dirt / road tires
to keep it safe and fun.
We've shorten the back end made it selfish and lighter, integrated a LED running light glowing through the frame and seat
completed by two renegade side pipes.
Upgrade list :
  • Removing unnecessary things
    • Replacement of the front fork, tees, wheel and brake by a honda CB 900
    • Recycle an old Tomaselli handlebar and modify to match our desires
    • Front Heidenau K67 Vintage , Rear Bridgestone TW24
    • No fender at all
    • Modded and painted frame
    • Sanding and painting of many parts
    • Electricity case under the seat
    • Fork restored , new seal , new oil...
    • Wood seat covered with leather made by «Artisan sellier Francisco Rodriguez»
    • Led taillights through the seat
    • Swap the 250cc engine for a 400cc engine
    • Complete inox exhaust line wrapped and completed by two renegade side pipes on the left of the bike.
    • Mechanic speedometer ; leather dashboard with leds for the gauges
    • Entire wiring harness modded
    • New air filters and carburators restored
    • Etc Etc ...

    The Original